Welcome to my page about weather vanes.

Weather vanes is a new hobby for me.

Ive only been taking pictures of weather vanes since ive got my digital camera this summer.

I like weather vanes, coz they offen say a lot about the places they are. Some of them with year of which the church/building was finished Some of them with the logo of the company that works in the particular building. And offen the old ones has a cross on top of the arrow, to symbolize that what ever way the wind blows, "someone" is making the dission for the wind.

I also like the private weather vanes, but you see them mostly in the country side, and i dont have enough of them yet to uploade a page about them.

If you have some pictures of weather vanes i would like to take a look at them, and later maybe uploade them, with your permission. Especially if you have an interesting story about it. And of course your name as the photografer.

Made 6-8-06
by marix.